Road tripppppp. I was so glad to be in the fresh, crisp & cold air! It was a nice change of scenery definitely, & I was stoked that I was able to wear my more wintery wardrobe. I went to some great eateries like Sunrise Cafe & Gracias Madre. I went to the Westfield mall in Union Square for the first time & was blown away by how HUGE it is. It has numerous levels of shopping, while it is a bit overwhelming on a Saturday. This trip was very successful.. In other words, I shopped way too much. I also heard about this prime shopping spot in SF AND Berkeley called Jeremy's. Let's just say, I probably shouldn't have gone to both locations... Anyways, Berkeley was beautiful this time around! It was my first time there & it was so great. There are so many great little coffee shops around & everyone is so laid back, while in no hurry at all. 

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