Oh how I love New York City. I had an amazing trip last week visiting SoHo & even the Hamptons! The SoHo Grand Hotel was phenomenal and is in such a great area. I couldn't resist myself from going into every store around. I was so glad to visit some of my favorites - RRL, Acne, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent, IRO, Phillip Lim, Fjallraven & the list goes on. I met some great people as well, some even friendly enough to let me photograph them. One in particular, blogger Rumi Neely | Fashiontoast, (who just so happens to be one of my favorite fashion bloggers) was so great & I was stoked to have ran into her at the same hotel. I can also say that I was pretty excited to finally get some Shake Shack, it was not disappointing. It was also my first time going to the Hamptons. It's an entirely different world there & it didn't feel like I was in New York anymore, but it was a great experience. The weather was so great and the food was just as good.  

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